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And Those Warnings I Gave on July 4th are Happening: Twitter, Covid, & Ukraine

Usually it takes months, sometimes years. Hell, even some times I miss completely but on July 4, 2022 I published the following article:

20 Quick Predictions That will Terrify the Equity Markets

In that article I stated the following predictions which I follow up with the news from just today:

1. During one of July’s bounce back rallies, Elon Musk liquidates his position in Twitter and files with the SEC to notify shareholders and the public he is withdrawing his bid for the company. After withering criticism from everyone on the social media website and in the financial media, he follows up that announcement that he is quitting Twitter as a participant also sending shares far below $20 per share.

This afternoon just 5 minutes ago at 4:47 p.m. Eastern from The Washington Post:

Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter is in peril

Damn, I’m good.

In another prediction from the article:

7. A new Covid variant is discovered in New York causing the re-introduction of lockdowns and masking in most of the state. New York City real estate prices plummet. The severity of the outbreak is overblown so as to re-introduce mail-in only balloting in the November New York elections as the “outbreak” reportedly spreads to other states causing them to follow suit with election “safety” and other such nonsense.

From the Los Angeles Times via Yahoo News:

Super-infectious BA.5 is a coronavirus ‘beast.’ Here’s how to protect yourself

As the crime rates soar, riots continue, armed shoplifting accelerates, New York City will be the first to display fake “Covid body bags” at the morgue to justify a new stricter lockdown since they refuse to enforce existing criminal laws.

And then this one:

4. Russia completes the seizure of the Lugansk region and begins a new siege of Kharkov(already happening by the time I finished this piece on July 4th). Along with the completion of the operations in that region, a new summer offensive to encircle the major city of Zaporozh’ye and cut off access to Dnipro begins. As a consequence the EU announces further sanctions against Russia and its oligarchs.

Heads up from social media:

And this:

Just sayin’….and that prediction thread has a ways to go…

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