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How Scientists Became Political Activists in Three Charts

For those who view me as “anti-vaccine” I am the furthest from that. I am quite skeptical of the efficacy presented by the mRNA technology from Moderna and Pfizer and due to personal on-site business experiences with J&J I would be hesitant to use any vaccine from their labs. I think that the current Covid-19 vaccines might provide short term protection for the elderly but in reality they appear to be nothing more than experimental gene therapies and hence provide a higher risk for those under sixty-five years of age with no co-morbidity that put the individual’s life at risk.

With that disclaimer out of the way, it is time to review the two charts with actual scientific data, merge the outcomes and develop the ongoing theory that “scientists” are now tools for the political elites to manipulate the ignorant into adopting societal changes for the “benefit” of mankind.

You know, sort of like how Engels and Marx attempted to revolutionize the world for the “working” man.

In chart one, I present the CDC’s own VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) which is suspect in and of itself:

Data available via the CDC VAERS Website

The problem as displayed above is that the “safe and effective” vaccines presented by Big Pharma are not even close to being that, despite the ongoing propaganda bombardment by the media and useful idiots of medical science willing to sacrifice scientific and ethical principles for personal fame and profit.

The testing regimen for the vaccines was insufficient to determine long term effects and in many cases, as demonstrated by intrepid online reporters like Project Veritas, that the VAERS reporting may well be corrupted as government officials and sympathetic medical staff refuse to report adverse effects and/or deaths.

Without boring my readers with reams of data reflecting what is happening, let’s just leave it at there has been an ongoing practice of fluffing up the data since my days in the industry since the late 1990’s and an acceptable impairment/death rate under 5% is considered “acceptable” by the industry.

Now let’s fast forward to another group of “scientists”, this time the dismal science of economics. The “experts” continue to proclaim that a nation, with blame to spread to both political parties, can spend over $30 trillion and have no repercussions for the domestic economy. Really? A government which listened to these “experts” has adopted a hybrid socialist dystopian model where the lazy and inept are paid to stay home as long as they vote for this model while less than 50% of the population carries the load.

As a result the United States now has over 100,000,000 people not participating in the labor force; an all time high in the past 40, that’s right, FORTY years:

Add in excessive government spending, a depreciation of the dollar, a growing welfare state due to open borders and openly trying to buy votes from D.C. and the end story from these “experts” will make the VAERS chart look tame by comparison.

Lastly, the next “Oh My God We’re all Going to Die” indicator that has been shoved down the American people’s throats for 20 years has had a setback. What kind of setback?

A frozen one:

But, but, but, AlGore said we were going to melt by now and polar bears would be attacking us to crawl into our freezers!?!?!

The Tweet where this chart came from says it all:

Weird. It’s almost as if once one who is not being paid to lie actually reports science, although Mr. Keiller has never posted anything but raw, hard facts. Thus begs the big question:

When Americans lose faith in their scientific, religious, and political masters, what is next?

Probably something along the lines of what happened to Rome:

The End of Empire in 2022

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