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Is There a New Covid-19 Variant in Shanghai?

WARNING: This thread contains images and videos which might be shocking to some snowflake or sensitive readers. Personal responsibility means taking just that; if you can’t handle it you probably shouldn’t be reading this website anyways.

11 April 2022, 16:00 UTC

During my daily adventures through the news around the world, a Twitter thread struck me with what might well be the obvious which in most cases of unusual or conspiratorial news, is usually the case.

Erik Townsend who produces an excellent weekly podcast titled MacroVoices put out this thread and caused me to think about the consequences of what he said.

I’m not a scientist, but I can read the media reaction and watch what is happening in China now. It is an economic and sociological disaster for not just China but the entire Western world which married its fat globalist whore self to the cheap output of goods and services from Communist China.

Take one moment and reflect on this information:

The economic consequences for China are beyond description. A two week lockdown in Shanghai has now progressed into a month long lockdown with people starving to death, rioting, and committing suicide by jumping off their apartment building balconies.

Meanwhile, the dire straits are highlighted in this story via the UK Sun:

Starving shoppers loot Shanghai supermarket as China sends 26m into world’s strictest Covid lockdown

Meanwhile, even if you have a false-positive, they are hauling you and your family off to the “quarantine” centers designed to cure the problem. This article from the South China Morning Post highlights the simplistic brutality of the Chinese Communist Party in one key excerpt:

“You are [positive] if I say so,” they were told by the police officer in the recording of the conversation that has shocked China after it emerged online.

The white coat police seem to enjoy enforcing this also:

The propaganda in the bottom video to do “one’s duty” to be tested is something the left in the US has been fantasizing about enforcing since this started.

It only gets worse as one sees the hundreds of videos of pet dogs and cats being slaughtered by the Communist Chinese authorities in the name of “stopping the spread.” I wonder if Dr. Fauci’s beagle experiments “inspired” this disgusting action.

At the same time, the lockdowns are expanding nationwide at a frightening pace:

The implications of the Shanghai lockdown have yet to be recognized by the West as to just how damaging this will become:

And China is taking action to stomp opposition or leaks about how bad it is with brutal force:

Of course it spreads now to the major manufacturing province of Guangzhou today:

Guangzhou closes to most arrivals as China’s outbreak grows

Now that my readers see just how bad this has become, let’s move back through the distant history of 2020 and refresh everyone of what was posted in these pages at the onset of the global pandemic:

China Lied, the World Died…Apparently Coronavirus May have Started in October 2019

In that article I quoted the following from an article in Foreign Policy about the reaction to the outbreak in November when initially it was proclaimed to be Pneumonic Plague, not Covid-19 or a coronavirus:

More ominous, however, was what happened next. Li’s WeChat social media posting describing the couple was quickly deleted. Meanwhile, the government officially informed the World Health Organization (WHO) about the cases, as it was required to do, but only on Nov. 13—after they were already reported by journalists around the world.

In the past as the present, the authorities in China are quick to lie, cover up, and distort reality. So far there is no admission that this is the same variant of Covid-19, the Omictron BA.2, which is spreading throughout the West and has become the dominant strain in the world according to “authorities.”

Going full circle to the start of this article, the hard question has to be asked:

Is China lying again and a new variant has been discovered or released into the world?

The state media in China has been pushing against the narrative in the West strongly, as per this article from The Global Times:

‘Omicron just a big flu’ a misperception; some in West attempt to delude Chinese public

There is nothing in the Chinese media, the Western medical journals, any scientific journal I can find online, nor any information from the US government or its overrated CDC. That is why this outbreak and the current wave of lockdowns in China is deeply concerning; when the initial outbreak happened, every government lied about the severity of its impact until the videos emerged of the doors being welded shut on apartment buildings in Wuhan.

Is China willing to reset its entire economy to a new reduced standard of living with hundreds of thousands of deaths potentially and a break with the West to conceal a new variant? They tried to do it before, so why would they not do it again?

Prepare accordingly because the supply chain shocks that will hit the United States this summer will make last year look like the good old days. Rationing is coming on a global scale, and the world is not prepared for it, especially in middle class America.

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