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10.06.20 05:00

The riots are over and the costs are still being determined as the anti-Covid19 Government protection team begins to panic, sort of:

I guess the poor will just have to get tested after they die. The one thing we have learned from the Wuhan Flu Pandemic End of the World Disaster Panic is that the United States, hell, the world should never trust the People’s Republic of China or the World Health Organization, the medical arm of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

The Chinese government lied to the world about the origins of the virus, lied to the world about when it was first detected, and then spread the disease worldwide so it could mutate by not warning Europe or the United States when hundreds of thousands of potentially infected individuals traveled overseas for the Chinese New Year holiday.

The reaction by the governments of the world was a sight to behold. In China, communists do what communists do and welded people into their apartment buildings, bulldozed roads and set up military roadblocks, then of course stopped reporting data on infection rates and deaths because communism cures everything.

The U.S. reaction as directed by Dr. Fauci, an incompetent CDC, and Governors across the U.S. was almost surreal. After one month of an almost nationwide lock down, articles were still appearing like this one on May 4th from the International Business Times:

No vaccine for Coronavirus and millions of deaths? It’s a possible scenario


Even as the virus has claimed nearly 250,000 lives, many experts believe that herd immunity is the final solution. Countries that have grappled with the worst breakouts are gradually easing the lockdowns and restrictions, which they think is the only way to ensure the economy doesn’t bite the dust. Herd immunity is attained broadly in two ways – either through universal vaccination or by virtue of the virus infecting at least 70 percent of the population.

At the current rate, the world will be staring at millions of deaths if the herd immunity were to be achieved through rampant infection. That’s a scary, though not entirely outlandish scenario. The best course for the world is to get the vaccine and thereby build resistance against Covid-19 in the society.

Thus with states like Michigan enforcing absurd bans such as being allowed to fish by yourself on a lake on your own property, or New York City enforcing actions against Jewish synagogues or Christian churches (notice that mosques were excluded), and other states like California declaring recreational marijuana an “essential industry”, once the true death and infection rates were observed, people got a tad bit angry.

This protest in Michigan was declared a “violent” example of one such protest:

Weird. Unlike the protests of the last two weeks, no one was shot, nothing was burned down, and they actually cleaned up their garbage.

So why the title of this article?

The “scientists” used the most terrifying scare tactic in the world to achieve a political end for a test to see if the American public was truly ready for draconian action to “preserve” our way of life. In the end, despite the stock market clown show we are witnessing now, the people have passed the test by and large.

The shortages in various supplies demonstrated that most Americans could not survive without government assistance more than three weeks on their own. Financially, it is even worse as once the government financial assistance winds down in July, the second show will drop, not a second wave, but a second economic iron boot which if not checked by political chicanery designed to buy off the masses will probably result in even more problems on the streets by early this autumn.

With the first two boxes being checked off, financial dependency and survival capacity being measured now, the final aspect of the test was a resounding success until the riots began. The “faith” in science is now almost certainly shaken beyond any reasonable belief as even those individuals most susceptible to infection by the Chinese Coronavirus now believe this was overblown bull crap. If a second wave does hit, which I still think it will, the lack of preparedness instilled by government promises to make things right, should terrify any sane soul. I flunked the last test also because those journals which I trusted to present actual science based on history and logic turned out to be nothing more than political rags designed as part of a grand command and control experiment. When science and logic are corrupted, it means a civilization is well on its way to a grand fall.

Congratulations are order to all of my fellow Americans and citizens of the world. While the initial reactions were were logical and sound, such as limiting air and non-essential travel did mitigate some of the Wuhan Flu reaching Italian proportions, the other actions have only soured the population in America on being obedient sheep. Excessive and unnecessary actions by authorities usually do result in excessive reactions from a free people.

When the “second wave” hits later this winter, I fear we will become a nationwide version of Philadelphia in 1918 where what was thought to be an innocuous parade to support the World War One war effort turned into a super-spreader nightmare. The overly oppressive actions taken by mayors and governors which suppressed basic American rights will be met with a backlash, probably late into next winter, which could make the Floyd protests look like amateur hour.

In the mean time, the power hungry bureaucrats, scientists, and flaky political elites have a message for you:

Thank you for your participation.

In the mean time, enjoy this video snipped from Twitter today which exhibits perfectly, the media’s willingness to participate in and spread propaganda as the “we are all going to die” panic is regurgitated when the real problem is the slaughter of our economy and the consequences of which have yet to really be experienced.

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