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The Post Pandemic World, Part 3: Second Wave

06.04.20 18:00 ET

Cool. I was worried it was the end of the world. Hey, more good news:

Ah yes, we can all return to our decadent lifestyles and assume everything is going to be just ducky, right?

If you’re coming to my website expecting good news, you’re in the wrong place. I’m what is called a “prepper” you know, those evil, vile survivalist types that dare to want to see how this story ends. The reality is, even after some personal attacks by so-called “scientists”, I took a break to analyze what is happening and before I could finish the most feared part of any pandemic has begun, aka:

The Second Wave

Just as “experts” from all fields, so-called scientists, and political elites claimed they had contained the 1918 Spanish Flu, the early proclamations about containing the Chinese Coronavirus began in earnest this past week. There were fools claiming that the worst for the economy has been priced in. That the medications being tested will cure it. That a vaccine was in the works and our world would be a better place? The truth?

For those who are not familiar with why this is important, Guangdong is the leading province for overseas export driven production and has been in an economic recession if not depression since January of this year. Without Guangdong province in China working at 100% the United States and much of Europe will be a nightmare as the raw materials, finished goods, and parts used by our manufacturers will have to be shut down for a very prolonged period of time, perhaps until past October of this year. That’s the good news.

So basically between those two provinces, it’s safe to say it is “not” contained. Despite news from Premier Xi that it was. And his communist party habit of lying:

Xi Jinping Wears Mask Despite Claims CCP Virus Under Control

Of course they would not start locking down their own people again if this was contained, right?

New Lockdown Imposed in China Over CCP Virus

Of course why close major tourist sites in Shanghai if it is contained, right (translated via Google Translate):

Actually, the circumstantial evidence today seems to indicate the situation is much, much worse.

The Tom-Tom GPS tracking data from China’s two most important and largest cities should terrify Joe Q. Public. Beijing has basically been shut down for days now:

So for Monday and Tuesday traffic has flat lined despite the official party line and indications that a new more massive outbreak in some provinces may be underway.

But that’s just the communist party in China. Governor Cuomo’s comments and those from the leadership in Washington, D.C. is just reprehensible.

The United States is still enduring phase one of the pandemic but the Second Wave both medically and economically is going to be a nightmare.

The actions taken by our Federal Reserve Bank to hyperinflate our way out of an economic depression with trillions of fiat dollars along with our inept Congress passing laws without realizing consequences starting to take a medical crisis and turn it into a new financial crisis.

The following from CNBC is just a sample of the nightmare to come:

The end result of the CARES Act? Yes, homeowners can ask for forbearance, and yes, banks are going to have to eat this but can get free money from the Fed to cover it. The other results, however, were unforeseen except by anyone with a brain.

The mortgage industry is paralyzed with fear and confusion. For the foreseeable future, few if any new mortgages or re-financing will occur. Add that into the mix and more layoffs on the financial side of the equation will result in the home building industry engage in a hard stop just like the rest of the service economy has. And that is the good news (from YahooFinance):

Let that sink in. Another New Century or Lehman Brothers moment. I remember being on the radio when that happened and discussing this nightmare, but this is the tip of the iceberg. No building means no need for realtors. No need for more bank branches. No need for suppliers. No need for so many banks as they can not issue loans that can be easily purchased from mortgage companies and flipped. Etc., and you know the rest if you were around in 2009.

The idiots in Congress and the Federal Reserve are about to take a garden variety 2008 style recession and turn it into a greater economic depression on a global scale than those of 1837 and 1929.

Add all that into the the belief that things are getting better, right? I don’t think so as this New York City councilman indicates:

A New York City Park?

Undercounting the numbers of dead?

And that’s just Wave 1 folks, so what the hell do you think will happen as Wave 2 hits?

I pray I am wrong but this will be the test, the June through August period where hundreds of thousands of Americans may well perish, perhaps millions. And then there will be nothing but the reflection on what we have lost as the exhaustion of this time period will be viewed as the true post-pandemic world.

Sadly, what we are seeing now is nothing short of a George Orwell 1984 nightmare meeting the movie Contagion at full speed:

People arrested for violating isolation orders in Florida will get no bond pending first appearance

With a soft population, unprepared to take care of themselves, unwilling to defend their own freedoms, and without the means to maintain their lives on their own financially, the next chapter of this story will do nothing to soothe our souls, as the silence will be deafening.

Note: Special thanks to BattleBeagle on Twitter and Jennifer Zeng on Twitter for their research that they have been doing and is included in this article.

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