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The Upcoming Economic Depression for Sin

15.03.20 08:30 ET

As the world economic systems implode under the strain of the coronavirus pandemic, the sin economy will be destroyed for quite some time as it enters into a depression. The hints of how bad it is going to get started with this article from of course, Florida on Tuesday, March 10th (via Orlando Weekly):

Florida strip club gives away 10,000 face masks to horny guys concerned about coronavirus

At least the club had hand sanitizer to go with the masks. Unfortunately for the girls, this job will not last much longer as the government begins to implement lock-down protocol along with the eventual curfews.

Meanwhile in Sin City, aka, Las Vegas the impact is similar to what is happening in Macau as the AP reports this week:

Vegas Strip Casino Operator Closes Clubs, Citing Coronavirus

Once the MGM Resorts made this decision, it became obvious just how severe the crisis was becoming. People are not going to want to gamble, go to shows, nor travel to the casinos anywhere until this is under control thus it is obvious that this aspect of the so-called sin economy will be crippled for years to come with many operators going out of business. The economic repercussions for cities like Biloxi, MS, what’s left of Atlantic City, NJ, and of course Las Vegas and Reno in Nevada will be severe requiring a massive bailout at some point in time.

The logical extension of what has been observed is also being felt by the oldest profession in the world, (no, not lawyers but similar) prostitution. The following article is by a British professional escort which should provide a hint as what is happening on a global scale (via Refinery29):

I’m A Sex Worker & Coronavirus Is Destroying My Business


A fellow independent in-person sex worker, Jane*, agrees. “I definitely have noticed that I have been getting less inquiries from people I haven’t met. I don’t know whether they are scared of contracting the virus or because the economy is a little bit shaky from the virus and also Brexit, or whether it’s all of those things together,” she says. “But I have noticed since the outbreak in Italy, it’s become a lot more serious for the UK. Maybe since the end of January I have noticed a drop and last month, in February, I had the most cancellations I have ever had.” It is right for clients to be diligent about their health, especially if they are older or have underlying health conditions. But I believe a lot of these cancellations are down to people being advised to avoid touching others.

This is truly a logical outcome as the panic in that industry was first noted by Chinese overseas sex workers back in February (via The Washington Examiner):

‘Avoiding us like we are the virus’: Fear of coronavirus plagues Chinese sex workers

Sadly, the younger generation thinks this is a “Boomer Disease” or judgement day for all of us old farts who hoarded all the money and do not support a socialist system to redistribute the wealth. They are so pathetically wrong it is not even funny. The most obvious self-righteousness exhibited by the millennial generation is the constant chest beating about how vaping is different from smoking and marijuana smoking is not like cigarette smoking.

Their misguided ideals, probably promoted by dope smoking hippy Marxist teachers and professors is about to bite them in the ass. From KOMO News in California:

Does smoking or vaping put you at a higher risk of coronavirus?

The following excerpts should be a stark warning to all current and former smokers (that means the boomers also):

On Monday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed the cases popping up in his city, including one of an otherwise healthy 22-year-old man. “Why is a 22-year-old man stable but hospitalized at this point? The one factor we know of is he is a vaper,” de Blasio said. “So, we don’t know of any preexisting conditions, but we do think the fact that he is a vaper is affecting this situation.”

Dr. Michael Matthay, the associate director of critical care medicine at UCSF, said cigarette smoking or vaping can increase the risk of developing coronavirus. “Based on prior studies with other pulmonary infections, both bacterial and viral, it is highly likely that cigarette smoking and vaping will increase the risk of coronavirus pneumonia and increase its severity, though we don’t know to what extent.”

Ouch. It’s one of the reasons I have not had a cigar since early December when I first heard about this nightmare, not that I was a frequent smoker, but now the medical evidence is starting to point to major vulnerabilities for smokers and this disease as UCSF outlines in this portion of the article:

The UCSF Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education confirmed the link in a recent article, stating: “Among Chinese patients diagnosed with COVID-19 associated pneumonia, the odds of disease progression (including to death) were 14 times higher among people with a history of smoking compared to those who did not smoke. This was the strongest risk factor among those examined.”

Fourteen times more likely? This means that a young 22 year old vaper has an almost equal chance of illness and hospitalization as a 68 year old on average. If vaping actually contributed to the severity of this 22 year old’s illness, what does inhaling raw, unfiltered marijuana do to one’s lungs? As the post-mortem studies are revealed the so-called economic booms from that industry will destroy California, Colorado, and Washington State’s economy even further. Think about the medical impact on America’s hospital system as this wave of the sin economy implodes and the epidemic expands to younger individuals.

Any activity which increases one’s risk of exposure and severe illness is an obvious understatement as to what the “sin” economy is all about. While many Americans will deal with minor illness within their families and just as many suffering the loss of elderly friends and families, it is obvious that the economics of sin are going to be the hardest hit, along with the people’s faith in the institutions of our government.

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