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09/27 20:15 ET BREAKING NEWS Project Veritas Video Part 3: Johnson & Johnson Scientist Says Don’t Get the Vaccine

Tonight’s turn in the barrel of actual journalism:

Covid vaccine manufacturer Johnson & Johnson.

Due to NDA’s I signed decades ago, I can not discuss this corporation’s FDA compliance policies other than to say they did not impress me in the least.

But holy smokes tonight’s video from Project Veritas is a wowsers:

In summation to force people to get the vaccine:

  1. Force people to get it in the fear of becoming second class citizens.
  2. Scare people into giving it to their children, even it harms them at an older age.
  3. Do not take the vaccine but inconvenience them to scare them.

This is not only infuriating, but obscene. And today Senile Joe says America can not move forward until 97-98% of the people are vaccinated.

I think I shall take being a ‘second rate citizen” versus the cancer risks or putting my life on the line for Big Pharma.

And as I always do, here is the backup via Rumble once YouTube censors Project Veritas:

Link also.

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