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I Guess Covid-19 Was Not Severe Enough for Dr. Fauci

The breaking news today, which of course is being smothered by the usual suspects, is nothing more than mind blowing:

WTF!? Biden’s USAID Launches $125 Million Project To Find 12,000 New Viruses

The National Pulse story at the link above hits a home run but makes one ask a larger question; why search for something worse than a Communist Chinese bio-weapon which destroyed the global economy and freedom on a scale never seen before in recent history?

These excerpts highlights why some serious questions should be asked and action taken to block this program:

Joe Biden’s U.S. Agency for International Development launched a new $125 million dollar project with Washington State University and foreign collaborators to discover over 10,000 novel viruses in nature.

The new program, announced by Washington State University (WSU) on October 5th, will endeavor “to collect over 800,000 samples in the five years of the project.”

“This process is expected to yield 8,000 to 12,000 novel viruses, which researchers will then screen and sequence the genomes of the ones that pose the most risk to animal and human health,” a summary adds.

While many people might think this is “wise” to detect and prevent future outbreaks, it sounds eerily similar to the program Dr. Fauci undertook with the Communist Chinese at the Wuhan lab which eventually resulted in a the Covid-19 outbreak in 2019.

To make matters worse, the oversight of collegiate programs of this nature is severely lacking within the US government, not that the CDC inspires confidence in their abilities.

Here’s one more snippet from the article:

“The project plans to partner with up to 12 targeted countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to carry out large-scale animal surveillance programs within their own countries, safely, using their own laboratory facilities,” a WSU summary explains.

Thus begging the question; why is it so important to team up with twelve targeted nations unless there is a strong desire to operate in secret, preventing the leaking of information about potential threats found or developed overseas.

Be scared America and what’s left of the free world, be very scared. With a sociopath like Dr. Fauci in charge, the results of such a program could doom humanity for half a century.

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