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Meanwhile Down Under, Quarantine Camps Are Reality and Coming to the U.S. Soon (Videos)

To listen to the cheery voice from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) news presenter in the video below, it makes one realize what life was like inside the USSR, East Germany, or even Nazi Germany in the past:

Wow, sounds like a great place to become re-educated and feel better. Meanwhile, here is the side by side from via Telegram which might cast a little bit more reality on the situation:

Here is a longer version of the second video:

The really good news is that the inhabitants are not bored. They are provided with “re-education” to show them the error of their ways and why they should submit to any vaccine the government wishes to give them. Thank goodness they have some educational opportunities there.

The reality side sounds just a tad bit dark. Then again this video of the “capture” of a “wanted” Covid violator speaks volumes about freedom in Australia:

Then again, the reality of the streets where people dare to defy the government is somewhat violent also(via the UK Daily Mail):

Meanwhile, all the way back in March of this year, the dangers of the political elites faith in Big Pharma and their vaccines might well have been misplaced (from Science Daily):

Vaccine-induced antibodies may be less effective against several new SARS-CoV-2 variants

Shockingly enough, there seems to be some deterioration in the effectiveness of the vaccines after 180 days on average. Weird that this happens as new variants appear thanks to unchecked waves of foreigners crossing our southern border and a very poor effort to educate the American public at large about personal hygiene to help check the China Virus.

Proof of this comes from none other than Israel, one of the world’s most vaccinated nations with a 78% compliance rate fully vaccinated. This article from Becker’s Hospital Review on August 19, 2021 should send a chill down your spine:

Nearly 60% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Israel fully vaccinated, data shows

The key excerpt from the link above:

Most of the vaccinated patients who were hospitalized, about 87 percent, were at least 60 years old. 

“This is a very clear warning sign for the rest of the world,” said Ran Balicer, CIO at Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest health maintenance organization. “If it can happen here, it can probably happen anywhere,” he told Science. 

The country has one of the world’s highest COVID-19 vaccination levels, with about 78 percent of those ages 12 and older fully vaccinated, mostly with the Pfizer vaccine. At the same time, Israel now has one of the highest infection rates in the world, potentially a sign of waning vaccine immunity as the highly contagious delta variant spreads, Science reports.

Unlike Bill O’Reilly who is providing false information on television tonight stating that most “breakthrough” cases were from the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, based on the statistics from Israel, it would appear that his statement is not factually accurate. It also appears that the US government and America’s ever so reliable CDC is covering up which vaccines are experiencing high levels of reinfection by refusing to force hospitals and testing locations to document positive cases and which vaccine if any they were treated with.

That is why, especially with President Biden’s declining approval and popularity, I fear the worst is about to happen in our beloved nation. When a group of political elites is backed into a corner due to their own erroneous course of action, they overreact to protect their power and blame the masses instead of actually listening to the science.

If anyone is insane enough to think these scenes can not and will not happen in America, I simply remind my readers to review the following from the CDC and download the PDF at this link for themselves:

Good luck to you if you live in one of their “safe” green zones.

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