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These Are the Idiots Telling Everyone to Trust the Science

These are the “experts” who are advising every American to take an unapproved medication regardless of side effects, including death:

This is how badly America’s education system has failed our society when declarations like this are considered rational. The fact that so-called “doctors” would make such a proclamation, apparently endorsed by the quacks at WebMD, is a sign that our nation is no longer capable of producing the best and brightest to advance the medical sciences in the United States.

Thankfully there are a few sane voices in the wilderness who are expressing sane, logical, and yes, scientific discussions warning about the dangers of the political China Virus and the unapproved vaccines being forced on the world’s population.

Dr. Robert Malone was the inventor if the mRNA technology which is the basis of the Pfizer and Moderna CCP Virus vaccines. During an interview with Dr. Peter Navarro on Steve Bannon’s War Room yesterday he outlined the problems with the current vaccines. The interview below is via the America’s Voice network is a must watch if one is open minded and listens to the sound science behind his arguments.

It is up to the reader to determine if his expertise is enough to raise any level of concern. The geopolitical approach has been to silence his voice and refuse to argue against or discuss his concerns in any rational manner.

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