Uh-Oh: The Extremists accelerate their Turn against Obama

By John Galt November 20, 2011 – 20:50 ET In the past, it was just concerns about those “extremist right-wing radio talk show hosts” and others who actually dared to fly a Gadsden flag and screamed in support of the Tea Party types who were considered traitors and a threat to the current regime. Fast forward to the current period of time: – Communists and Socialists are criticizing the regime openly. – Left wing (ahem) politicians like Kucinich are declaring this regime a failure on so many fronts due to inaction….

11/20 AEP: Spain – the fifth victim to fall in Europe’s arc of depression

By John Galt November 20, 2011 – 20:28 ET Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s latest from the U.K. Telegraph: Spain – the fifth victim to fall in Europe’s arc of depression A key excerpt to wet your appetite to read the rest of the story: Philip Whyte and Simon Tilford argue in a paper for the Centre for European Reform (CER) that this is a “damagingly partial and self-serving” version of events. “It wrongly assigns all the blame for peripheral indebtedness to government profligacy; it makes no mention of the far from innocent role…

11/20 Egypt: Police attack protesters in Tahrir Square, Numerous arrests and injuries

By John Galt November 20, 2011 -13:35 ET From Al-Jazeera Television: The military leadership in Cairo is blaming the “protests” on foreign involvement so it would appear that the disaster of the Arab Spring is accelerating as predicted into total anarchy. Follow the story here at at AJE via this story at the link below: Standoff sets in at Egypt’s Tahrir Square 11/20 1400 ET UPDATE: 192 reportedly injured so far; numbers on arrests unknown. Watch Al-Jazzera’s LIVE coverage of the conflict at this link: AJE LIVE

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