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And Now For Something Completely Different, JGFLA’s Dud 2022 Predictions

Yesterday I highlighted the brilliance of yours truly with a thread demonstrating that through the fog of my crystal scotch glass I can indeed prognosticate some future events.

Then of course that means today, I must come forward and highlight the complete duds, the events I missed or barely missed to illustrate what happens after that glass is emptied several times. With that out of the way, here is my 2022 scorecard for misses and bad prognostications.

China seizes Taiwan and several surrounding island territories after the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The United States again does nothing and is castigated by its Asian allies.

A totally blown call. Xi demonstrated a false belief that he could be part of the globalist party. What he learned in 2022 is that they don’t want his nation to be a part of it, they want China to be subservient to it.

– President Joe Biden quietly resigns during a prime time television address on December 31, 2022 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time after a humiliating year of political and global embarrassment and the Democrat Party blaming him for their massive losses in the November election. His approval rating on even the most liberal polls is no higher than 32%.

– The Democrats lose 57 seats in the House of Representatives, 5 US Senate seats, 4 more governor’s races including a huge upset in Michigan during the November elections.

– After the election, Nancy Pelosi announces her retirement. Speculation is she will maintain her San Francisco home for visual purposes but reside primarily in her new spread on Hobe Sound, FL.

I wish to congratulate the Republican Party for allowing Biden to remain in office. I may have missed this call but only the Stupid Party could allow the worst President since Jimmy Carter to get a pass and still have the US Senate to shove judges up the American people’s arses. Not to mention they actually helped Pelosi’s image with crying John Boehner and the RINOs thanking her for screwing them over for decades.

– The Supreme Court will uphold Trump’s Executive Privilege claims as legitimate because the Biden administration nor Congress have overturned President Obama’s executive order on this matter. All of the contempt of court indictments against those who refused to cooperate with the January 6th show trial in the House are dropped by the Department of Justice.

The only comment that I have to offer is that there is not one single branch of government that is not corrupt as hell.

– Senator Schumer will attempt to pass a modified version of BBB, but it will fail. In retaliation, he attempts to remove the standing filibuster rule and that vote fails also. The Senate and House, much like Biden, become lame ducks until after the election with little being accomplished.

With the help of Mitch McConnell and the RINO party, the BBB didn’t pass but the financial and regulatory frameworks for it did in two large multi-trillion dollar chunks, thus guaranteeing a future financial crisis. More on that in the 2023 predictions on Friday.

– A major earthquake will strike the United States either in the Mid West or along the West Coast of California (major being 7.5 or larger).

– The Western Hemisphere will experience a record number of hurricanes and tropical storms with 32 named storms, 13 hurricanes including 6 major storms, 19 tropical or subtropical storms. The United States experiences at least one major hurricane hit.

– The earliest blizzard on record will hit the US in late October.

I missed on the blizzard, the earthquake, and number of hurricanes. However I did nail the major hurricane hitting the US and of course it hit my area and without power for four nights.

– The U.S. 10 year Treasury yield will record a record low of 0.94% in the later part of 2022 after hitting a terrifying high of 2.73%.

The bond crash in 2022 was far worse than I thought it would be. Then again, it’s not over.

– Estimated GDP growth will happen in the US (as measured by the BEA) at the following pace.

I blew that call. The mini-recession was Q1 & Q2 and the surge in Q3 and Q4. However it is setting up for some wicked declines in economic activity in 2023.

In the cultural insanity arena, the only thing I got right was the University of Georgia winning the NCAA National Championship in football. Hannity has been exposed, the Bucs suck, the Lightning got zapped, and A.M. radio is surviving but barely. Newsmax is still banned in my house but OANN continues to build a nice base so no chance of a merger there.

That’s my losing predictions for 2022 so that means 2023 should produce some more beauties. Stay tuned for my Friday drunken predictions thread as through a good glass of scotch I have discovered one can see the future. Or maybe I should try martinis this time.

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