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It’s Only Propaganda If You’re Not Vaccinated

The huge success of the recent Joe Rogan podcast with Dr. Malone was only a warning shot to the fascists who wish to seize what few freedoms Americans and those in other nations have left.

This advertisement from Spain for a “vaccine toy baby” should set alarm bells off in anyone’s head who has more than two brain cells:

The normalization of frequent periodic “boosters” for a failing genetic therapy are alarming enough.

The indoctrination of a terrified generation of children being raised by inept, pathetic, and weak parents is terrifying.

If one wants to know how over 6 million people were killed by the Nazis in World War II, 30 million by the Soviet Union in its history (estimated to be much more), and over 100 million by Communist China, one needs to look no further than the indoctrination principles highlighted in the video above.

Europe is lost. Canada is gone. Australia is the USSR with a cute accent.

The United States is next unless the citizens take a stand.

Thanks to @JackPosbiec for posting this Effed up advertisement that most will never see. In any language it is a promotion of a deeply disturbed globalist group of individuals.

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