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06.27 Market Deathburger: The EuroCarnage Continues after Brexit


by John Galt June 26, 2 016 15:30 ET I shall keep this as a running update as trading and markets open. Needless to say, currency markets in Asia have opened and the carnage continues unabated so look for Bank of Japan and Swiss intervention soon enough. 18:25 ET – Futures are off their early lows but moving wildly. Christine LaGarde of the IMF is speaking live now which is causing some early gyrations in the currency and equity futures. In Japan, a negative opening…

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Spainaggedon Election: Pro-EU Mainstream Parties INCREASE Seats but no Clear Majority


by John Galt June 26, 2016 08:30 ET Sometimes the bull gets you, sometimes you get to sprinkle some A-1 Steak Sauce on him when he’s medium rare. Today we find out if Spanish voters are inspired by the Brexit vote to take a strong stand against the European Union’s insane bankster inspired austerity programs which are running in parallel to the banking bailout which has done nothing to help the average Spanish citizen to improve their standard of living in over a decade. Sound…

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Middle East Markets Hit Hard but Stabilized on Sunday after Brexit Vote


by John Galt June 26, 2016 11:00 ET The running theme in equity markets around the world has been to panic, sell, and pray for some sort of government intervention. In the Middle East that is no different except the intervention must come from the monarchies not from central banksters and indeed that is what happened throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations today. The interesting pattern in all the charts is massive selling on the open and some recovery towards the close however in…

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06.26 More Turmoil in the UK as Labor Party Faces Internal Revolt (Updated)


by John Galt June 26, 2016 09:00 ET UPDATE 13:00 ET – From the UK Guardian: Tom Watson, the deputy Labour leader, has issued a statement on today’s development. Here it is in full. I was deeply disappointed to see Hilary Benn sacked in the early hours of this morning and equally saddened that so many talented, able and hard-working colleagues felt they had to leave the shadow cabinet. My single focus is to hold the Labour party together in very turbulent times. The nation…

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One Dirty Rotten S.O.B. has Ruined the “Never Trump” Movement


by John Galt June 24, 2016 22:15 ET …and it is pushing me closer to just staying home this election cycle or getting drunk and voting for Trump The Never Trump movement was founded on great principles. The people who supported this movement were principled conservatives, individuals who did not necessarily identify themselves as Republicans first but as Constitutional Conservatives. Oh there were Democrats, Socialists, and other various leftists who latched on to the “Never Trump” movement in order to sabotage the conservative opinion makers…

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Today Brexit, Sunday Spainaggedon


by John Galt June 24, 2016 21:30 ET The political and financial elites never learn their lesson. Just twenty-four hours ago Nigel Farage of UKIP was proclaiming a narrow defeat for the “leave” faction in the Brexit election only to be surprised himself some four hours later by the overwhelming returns showing the British citizenry rejecting the bureaucratic lies and nightmare known as the European Union. Fast forward to this morning where Spain’s center-right Prime Minister Rajoy decided to act like Prime Minister David Cameron…

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Today’s Market Action was Ugly but not the Big One


by John Galt June 24, 2016 20:15 ET With much respect to the Sex Pistols for creating this song just for events like today: But this wasn’t the big market crash that the bears or for that matter, the bulls, had hoped to get out of the way. The NYSE volume was 10:1 + to the downside, but not the NASDAQ VOLUME nor the advance/declines (data via Meanwhile the bellwethers are signaling trouble ahead. In honor of Brexit let us just say they are…

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This Deserves it’s own Thread: German DAX Futures Down over 11%!


by John Galt June 24, 2016 02:15 ET Just wow. For perspective, an 11% drop in the DJIA is equal to, ready for it: 1,981 Dow Points Youch.

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06.24 US MARKET DEATHBURGER: Black Friday Brexit Burgers Now Being Served


by John Galt June 24, 2016 02:00 ET I have never been so happy to be so wrong in all my life. I honest to God did not think my limey crazy assed brethren had the jewels to vote for Brexit, but they did. If TPTB do not stop them through a technicality or loophole in the Parliament, then this move is nothing more than a vindication of the insanity we are witnessing in American politics where an unconvicted felon is allowed to run against…

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06.23 21:05 ET – US Futures Just Freaked Out on BRexit Fears


by John Galt June 23, 2016 21:05 ET I wonder what they will look like if the vote really does go for “leave” at 2 a.m. Limit down anyone?

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The One Chart to Watch During the BRexit Results Tonight


by John Galt June 23, 2016 19:45 ET As the rest of the world focuses on the Dollar/UK Pound relationship, this one is going to tell the tale of the markets tomorrow and it was not a pretty picture as the Sunderland results were announced: Follow the action here courtesy of YahooFinance (prices delayed 15 mins):

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06.23 BREXIT Updates: The End of Great Britain, the Start of French Britain


by John Galt June 23, 2018 18:00 ET I remember reflecting on history at one time where I said if the United Kingdom ever succumbs to the evil lure of globalism and refuses to act proud and independent, then the Western world may well be lost. It would appear, barring a miracle, that the news will reflect a victory for “remain” and the British empire which was once a proud lion, will instead join the world community of cowardly lions which submit to every whim…

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Brexit is a Big Fat Nothing


by John Galt June 22, 2016 19:30 ET Does anyone really think that this is Churchill’s United Kingdom where they stood alone in the face of the Nazi threat and kept Hitler at bay for years? I don’t. This is more of what Great Britain has become (From the UK Daily Mail, March 7, 2014): Parents fury as pork sausages are banned from the school menu and replaced with halal meat Excerpted: Parents have condemned a school’s decision to ban all pork products from the…

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Oh Hell No! Damn you Burger King, Damn you to Hell! (VIDEO)


by John Galt June 22, 2016 17:40 ET Burger King has launched evil upon this nation. Not just any evil. Cheetos evil. Not the Donald Trump Cheetos face orange tan type of insanity, but a new snack which for those of us involved in sales and management and are on the road a lot, may tempt us to see the King one more time for something completely different. This is rolling out nationwide soon and this is not funny, not in the least. I may…

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All You need to Know about the Phony Who is Donald Trump (VIDEO)


by John Galt June 22, 2016 16:50 ET This video about sums it all up: Unfortunately the other choice is a psychotic megalomaniac who will attempt to exact revenge on all of her enemies while getting thousands of damned fine men and women killed as soldiers fight in her unnecessary wars. America is toast.

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Monday was NOT a Good Day for the Stock Market


by John Galt June 21, 2016 05:00 ET The stock market on Monday was a lot like the Trump campaign; it looked good from the outside but when you lifted the hood it was a complete and total wreck. Yesterday was a complete and total technical disaster. Huge rally on light volume, selling into each hourly rally, then failing to close anywhere near the highs with selling into the close. This morning futures are up but once the gap is filled in the 2091-2097 range…

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06.20 Tropical Storm Danielle to Form in Bay of Campeche


by John Galt June 20, 2016 05:00 ET FYI, since there is little time for this storm to intensify and it is making landfall as a minimal Tropical Storm later today, this will be the only update on this storm. As of this update it is a Tropical Depression but per the NHC will become a storm before landfall after lunch Central Time today, thus the title.   ************************************* NHC ADVISORIES 000 WTNT34 KNHC 200849 TCPAT4 BULLETIN TROPICAL DEPRESSION FOUR ADVISORY NUMBER 3 NWS NATIONAL…

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Bellwether Weekly Update: AAPL & GS Clank Again this Past Week


by John Galt June 19, 2016 21:30 ET   So another week and another warning from my bellwether stocks, Apple and Goldman Sachs. There is no serious middle class consumer demand and there appears to be no desire to invest in further expansion of companies unless it is to use cash on the balance sheet to buy smaller companies like Microsoft did with LinkedIn. Thus based on futures tonight we might get a dead iPhone bounce or maybe even a better dead Bankster bounce from…

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06.19 BREAKING UPDATE: Clarence Thomas’ wife DENIES Report of Retirement


by John Galt June 19, 2016 21:15 ET Thank you to my friends at TheRightScoop for having Farcebook or at least access to it. They have just broken the story with an update to their version from earlier where Mrs. Thomas basically says the Washington Examiner and Paul Bedard (who really is normally reliable) are full of it (via TRS): For all those who are contacting me about the possibility of my husband retiring, I say — unsubscribe from those false news sources and carry…

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America is Over: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Considering Retirement After Election


by John Galt June 19, 2016 15:30 ET Paul Bedard, a very reliable Washington insider who reports for the Washington Examiner, dropped the bombshell late this morning: Clarence Thomas may be next to leave Supreme Court Excerpt: Should Thomas leave, that slight majority would continue if Donald Trump becomes president. If it’s Hillary Clinton, then she would get the chance to flip two Republican seats, giving the liberals a 6-3 majority. And, conservatives fear, that could switch to a 7-2 majority if Republican Justice Anthony…

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06.19 Latest Videos from Syria: What Ceasefire?


by John Galt June 19, 2016 14:30 ET For some strange reason the United States and Russia are trying to maintain the charade of a “ceasefire” inside the rapidly imploding war zone known as Syria. These videos from various news sources tend to dispel that myth. Where the subject matter was posted in Arabic or another language, I have used Google Translate to accommodate my readers. When a terrorist pick up truck is seen with a group of terrs in Aleppo yesterday, simply dial 1-800-KORNET!:…

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06.18 23:00 ET – Ukraine Civil War: Heavy Fighting in Mariupol and Donetsk Tonight (VIDEO)


by John Galt June 18, 2016 23:00 ET The video above is purported to be a firefight between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian forces outside of Donetsk earlier this evening. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to verify the validity of many reports posted on the internet from this region but if confirmed along with the other breaking news of the evening, then the situation is deteriorating inside the Ukraine conflict as quickly as it is along the NATO-Russian border in the West of…

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“Black Lives Matter” shows their Ass Again After Orlando Terrorist Attack (VIDEO)


by John Galt June 16, 2016 19:45 ET And the morons at the University of Missouri wonder why they are experiencing revenue shortfalls, enrollment declines,  and their graduates not sought after nor being hired by serious corporations… Stupid assed commielibs deserve everything bad that happens to them.

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Senator Ted Cruz Delivers a Blistering Response to Obama and the Gun Control Party (VIDEO)


by John Galt June 16, 2016 19:15 ET To all you Trumptards and RINOs, this is what a Constitutional Conservative looks like; Not attacking Americans for owning guns, not conspiring to meet with the NRA to help weaken the 4th and 5th Amendments, and not acting like a pro-Islamist leader claiming it was our hatred of Islam that caused the attack in Orlando. Senator Ted Cruz correctly explains on the floor of the U.S. Senate what the Constitution really means and why the politics of…

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The Economy is Sooo Bad…(VIDEO)


by John Galt June 16, 2016 12:00 ET Fast forward to 3:16:

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White House Flag Protocol: Chris Kyle vs. Orlando Islamist Attack


by John Galt June 15, 2016 20:45 ET No comment is necessary except Obama refuses to call this an actual Islamist terrorist attack.

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The US Military is Not Ready for World War III


by John Galt June 15, 2016 19:45 ET Sigh…now I really miss the 1980’s. Not for the reason anyone might think as the women were fun, the music better, and the U.S. military was recovering from it’s Jimmy Carter induced slumber. As an American citizen in that era, the threat was not from some Jihadi Joe coming to the good old U.S.A. on a student visa or refugee program here to rape or kill my wife or shoot up night clubs. In fact by the…

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Hey Everyone, Guess Where We’re All Going?


by John Galt June 15, 2016 16:45 ET Thanks Janet!

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MSCI will NOT Include China A-Shares in Emerging Market Index


by John Galt June 14, 2016 17:14 ET WOW! This will not help the Shanghai markets tonight and probably will cause massive tankage in Hong Kong also. Via CNBC: Key MSCI emerging markets index rejects Chinese mainland stocks, again MSCI on Tuesday said it would delay inclusion of the mainland-traded Chinese A shares in its key emerging market index. In a release, MSCI said investors needed more time to assess the effectiveness of the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor program (QFII) investment quota allocation, capital mobility…

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Did Russia Just Order a Full Mobilization of its Armed Forces for War?


by John Galt June 14, 2016 15:35 ET The news this week has been moving hot and fast in Eastern Europe as the US Military via NATO has announced that 4 battalions will be re-positioned in Estonai, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland to counter “Russian aggression” even though there has been no direct evidence presented of an impending Russian invasion of any NATO nation. CNN covered this story yesterday: NATO chief: 4 battalions to Eastern Europe amid tensions with Russia Excerpted: Each of the battalions is…

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German 10 Yr Bund Yield Goes Negative for First Time in History


by John Galt June 14, 2016 04:50 ET Just when anyone in the investing world thought it couldn’t get any more nuts than it has been, German government bonds send the most alarming signal ever with their 10 year Bund yield dropping into negative territory for the first time in history: Meanwhile, US 10 Year Treasuries are now have a yield with a 1.5 handle this morning: If the US 10 year breaks below 1.50% that usually correlates with a stock market some 10-15% below…

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If True, the World has gone Nuts: Israel and Russia Agree to Joint Military Exercises


by John Galt June 13, 2016 19:30 ET *** GRANTED THIS IS FROM DEBKA *** So take this story with a huge grain of salt. However during the meetings in Moscow, the Russian language press did mention that the Netanyahu and Putin agreed to expanded military cooperation in the Middle East to prevent Hezbollah from threatening or attacking Israel (who have now been ordered by Iran to focus on Saudi Arabia). From DEBKAfile on June 10th: First ever Israeli-Russian war game is coming Russian President…

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06.13 U.S. Marketwatch: Grab some Charcoal for the Grill and Hold on to Your…


by John Galt June 13, 2016 05:10 ET This could get interesting today. Get the grills ready and dead animal product thawed.  

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Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Why I am voting to leave the EU


by John Galt June 12, 2016 20:10 ET In what can only be called a stunning editorial in tonight’s edition of the UK Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard hammers it home with a stunning rebuke of the pro-European Union forces inside the United Kingdom with this editorial: Brexit vote is about the supremacy of Parliament and nothing else: Why I am voting to leave the EU Holy smokes! This is somewhat earth shattering as the conventional economic thought inside England was to remain and muddle through with…

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Market Trouble Ahead as the Bellwethers Break


by John Galt June 12, 2016 19:40 ET I’m going to keep this short, simple, but loaded with graphs so everyone can see what happened last week to the 2 bellwether stocks in the equities markets, Apple, Inc. and Goldman Sachs. Why I have tagged those two issues is irrelevant; I just advise everyone to remember 2007-2009 when General Motors and IBM were the bellwethers and what happened to the markets after they broke down. Both of these stocks are widely held, usually reliable leaders…

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As a Follow up to My last Article on China: China FDI Drops 1% vs. Expected +5%


by John Galt June 12, 2016 19:20 ET As a follow up to my last article, the news out of China this morning was not good. In fact it validates the concerns foreign investors have about the viability of keeping money parked inside the communist behemoth where risk is defined not by markets but government whims. Foreign Direct Investment in China dropped 1% instead of rising the predicted 5% that economists expected. These highlights from the release along with the chart from ForexLive tells the…

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China Drops a Silent Economic Bomb: Hints at Bankruptcy Rules for Financial Sector


by John Galt June 12, 2016 17:55 ET The one thing that foreign investors had always been able to count on with the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and the Communist Party of China was that no matter how bad the conditions in their financial sector may get, the government and PBOC will always find away to restructure the debts or ensure the continued operation of the entities to avoid an outright default. Sunday, during the Lujiazui Forum in Shanghai, that theory was turned on…

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The War That isn’t Reported Continues: 9 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed, 19 Wounded on Friday


by John Galt June 12, 2016 16:35 ET The war that is not going to be reported in the Western media continues with casualties and destruction on both sides becoming quite commonplace as artillery exchanges and small arms fire intensifies. The story below demonstrates that the OSCE oversight of the Minsk Agreements is nothing more than a figurehead joke designed to support a pro-NATO/EU version of events ignoring the plight of citizens near the front lines in the Donbass region. From DNI News on Saturday:…

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More Terror in China as Passenger Attempts to Start Fire on Domestic Airliner


by John Galt June 12, 2016 11:30 ET In what seems to be an ongoing theme this morning, there was another attempted terrorist incident inside of China overnight. On a domestic airline flight a man attempted to set the plane on fire using a lighter and bottle of petrol but luckily was subdued by passengers and the fire extinguished before any serious damage occurred. From the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong: Two people were injured in the incident, which broke out aboard Flight…

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5 Wounded by Bomb Blast at Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminal (VIDEO)


by John Galt June 12, 2016 09:30 ET The news keeps hitting hard and fast this morning. In China, which is no stranger to Islamic terrorism with the ongoing conflict with the Uyghurs in Xinang province, what is being described as a home made explosive device was detonated in a terminal at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport today wounding three people. From the Reuters report: The explosion occurred near the airport’s Terminal Two ticketing area shortly after 2 p.m. and the people who were injured were…

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