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After a Minor Drop Today, Markets are Pointing to a Nuclear Spaghetti Monkey Rally on 9/2


by John Galt September 1, 2015 20:15 ET Have no fear, the nuked up spaghetti monkey is here. Meaning that the Fed’s pump monkeys along with the ChiComs, Japanese, South Koreans, and other fools will pump this sucker up with bullcrap like the picture above: (charts courtesy of  S&P 500 the same path sort of: Meanwhile in WTI Crude Oil land: Man, that’s ugly. Should anything major occur I’ll start up a new thread but for tonight, I would like to get some sleep.…

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Two Charts for August that Wall Street Doesn’t want You to See


by John Galt August 31, 2015 20:45 ET Please do not panic as the charts in question are readily available to those who watch, listen, and learn. Technicians, hedge fund managers, and geeks like me are keenly aware of these particularly scary technical indicators. However, the average investor nor the average Main Street schmuck pays attention to these things as the foolishly and honestly believe that mutual fund managers, 401K financial managers, and stock brokers for the big companies give a crap about their paltry…

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The Real Reason Behind Obama Changing the name of Mount McKinley


by John Galt August 31, 2015 17:45 ET Today one of Breitbart’s rising stars, Ben Shapiro, penned a fantastic article where he almost grasped the real reason behind Obama’s renaming of Mount McKinley in Alaska: Obama Renames Mount McKinley ‘Denali’ <excerpted> On Sunday, President Obama’s administration announced that he would, by executive order, change the name of Mount McKinley to Mount Denali. He did not explain the decision, which frustrated Ohio legislators upset at the slap at President William McKinley’s legacy; he is expected to…

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Did the Fed Trigger Another Stock Market Crash on Monday August 31?


by John Galt August 30, 2015 19:00 ET As of this past Friday, August 28th, the Federal Reserve, the Plunger Protection Team (PPT for short), and the financial infomercial media had been screaming “Mission Accomplished” as they helped to goose the Monday and Tuesday disaster into a gain for the week. Unfortunately for the financial media and more of the cheerleaders, futures are down again as this article is being published: (courtesy of 15 minute delay): If anyone pays attention to the Jackson Hole,…

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China’s Communist Party Continues Hammering CITIC – 2 More Arrests for Short Selling


by John Galt August 27, 2015 21:30 ET The hunt for blame continues in China for the recent 40%+ crash of the stock markets and your Christmas decorations for 2016 might well be made by a former executive of the Chinese equivalent of Goldman Sachs. CITIC had two more executives arrested for “malicious short-selling” according to the South China Morning Post. If this were America and people were actually arrested for illegal short selling, aka, “naked” short selling, then we would have half the Federal…

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The Next Stock Market Crash will Occur On….


by John Galt August 26, 2015 20:30 ET The dates that I think are at the highest probabilities are as follows: RED: 80% or Higher YELLOW: 50-80% PURPLE: 30-50% BLUE: Less than 30% While many might say that this is another “Oh My God, another prediction” posting, my theory on this is based on previous bear markets which occur after violent bull markets conclude. This one will be no different, but here are the dates of interest to my readers. Friday September 11th: Besides the…

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Despite Today’s 619 Point Rally, It is not Good News for the Markets


by John Galt August 26, 2015 18:30 ET Ignore the hoopla. Ignore the CNBS specials where the used car salesman/stock brokers come out and tell everyone to start buying stocks again. Review the list below of the 10 largest point increases in DJIA history and note the common feature: 1 2008-10-13 9,387.61 +936.42 +11.08 2 2008-10-28 9,065.12 +889.35 +10.88 3 2015-08-26 16,285.51 +619.07 +3.95 4 2008-11-13 8,835.25 +552.59 +6.67 5 2000-03-16 10,630.60 +499.19 +4.93 6 2009-03-23 7,775.86 +497.48 +6.84 7 2008-11-21 8,046.42 +494.13 +6.54 8…

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08.26 Asia and U.S. Deathburger Marketwatch: Will the Carnage Continue?


by John Galt August 25, 2015 17:25 ET UPDATED 21:10 ET: And just as I praised the Kiwis, the NZ-50 goes negative. Who do they think they are? The Dow? Meanwhile in Australia, Japan, and South Korea things are starting to look as confused as US markets: Australia S&P/ASX 200: Japan’s Nikkei 225: South Korea KOSPI: UPDATED 18:30 ET: And for some strange reason, the Kiwis are drinking the Kool-Aid as the New Zealand NZ-50 is up on the open! They must be smoking all…

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08.25 1545 ET BREAKING NEWS: 400+ Point Dow Rally Wiped Out Stocks Negative


by John Galt August 25, 2015 15: 45 ET Kersplat. And it’s gone…. S&P 500 meet worser:   Like this:Like Loading...

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08.25 Marketwatch: World Economic Leaders say All is well, Remain Calm


by John Galt August 24, 2015 19:45 ET If you fail to obey this edict, our Emperor will stomp on you with his plastic golf spikes while wearing his mommy jeans AND beat you with his putter. UPDATED 09:45 ET: This will not look good on a resume. Or your portfolio. Or any Fed bankster’s portfolio. Wow, Shanghai opens down 6%+!!!! UPDATED 09:15 ET: Singapore’s STI opens all over the place: Shoddy Chinese-Made Stock Market Collapses NEWS IN BRIEF August 24, 2015 SHANGHAI—Proving to be…

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08.24 Think Today was Fun? Wait until August 25th…


by John Galt August 24, 2015 16:25 ET From this futures chart should tell you how much fun Tuesday could be: Like this:Like Loading...

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08.24 US & World Markets: Just Holy Flirkinschmidt $1 Trillion in Market Value Wiped out so far


by John Galt August 23, 2015 23:00 ET Think about this: $1 trillion, that’s $1,000,000,000,000.00 PLUS wiped out in just 6 hours of trading tonight. Without US markets being open. I haven’t seen a disaster like this since I was on a sailboat in October 2008 and the S&P 500 traded limit down. Just wow. The carnage is incredible. Hopefully some of you fools listened to the warnings over the years. Like this:Like Loading...

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08.24 Asian, Europe, US Deathburger Marketwatch: MOAD or a Grilled Cheese Sandwich?


by John Galt August 23, 2015 21:45 ET UPDATED 22:10 ET: Just because: Ouch. Meanwhile in Singapore, down another 2.5% to start the day: UPDATED 21:50 ET: It’s officially a bloodbath. Brent North Sea Crude has broken $45 per bbl for the first time since 2009: The Shanghai SSE is down over 5% on the open: Hong Kong Hang Seng Index down almost 4%: And I have not even gotten to the secondary markets yet like Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Monday could still well be Bloody…

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In Desperation Move, China Allows State Pension Fund to invest up to 30% into Stock Market


by John Galt August 23, 2015 17:45 ET The desperation of the Central Planners of the Communist Party in China (and on Wall Street) is beginning to shine through once again in 2008 fashion. Today, per the South China Morning Post, this bit of news spells out the panic in Beijing: The State Council said on Sunday that it will allow China’s pension fund to invest up to 30 per cent of its total 3.5 trillion yuan in net assets in equities and stocks, a…

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Is it time to Panic because the DJIA was down almost 6% Last Week?


by John Galt August 23, 2015 17:10 ET The world went into full hysteria mode last week trying to decipher the meaning of the Federal Reserve minutes on Wednesday, and selling off into the close on Friday with just under a 6% decline on the major indices for the week. Is this time to panic? CNBS doesn’t think so: In fact few if any financial programs I took the time to watch or listen to (so you don’t have to) mentioned the words panic, recession,…

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08.23 12:45 ET BREAKING NEWS: Huge Explosion at US Military Base in Kanagawa, Japan (Video)


by John Galt August 23, 2015 12:45 ET Video of the explosions which are obviously munitions detonating: Stay tuned as in the past left wing extremists were the primary suspects in the last attack. This time with the Koreas on edge, it might be something far worse. 13:05 ET UPDATE: Two Tweets just came through to make you think about this the rest of the day: Like this:Like Loading...

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08.23 Stock Market Sandstorm Continues in World Markets – Saudi Arabia down 7%


by John Galt August 23, 2015 10:00 ET The following market charts from Bloomberg this morning tell the tale of woe that this sell off didn’t stop on Wall Street this past Friday but indeed might be gaining momentum for another steep decline this evening in Asia with possible further follow through in US markets. Israel TA-25 Stock Exchange: Kuwait SE, which has already taken a beating this year: Oman which is less than 0.5% away from a bear market: Qatar: Both of the major…

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08.23 0900 ET: Hurricane Danny 0800 Advisory Posted (Updated)


by John Galt August 18, 2015 17:10 ET Here we go again. In this quiet El Nino depressed hurricane season, the first major threat to the Caribbean islands has appeared with Tropical Storm Danny which just formed in the Eastern Atlantic. Once again, here are the standard photos, model runs, and advisories which will update automatically as the websites associated with them. UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2015 20:00 ET: Man, I hope this 14 day GFS model does not verify. If so, it is going to…

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Trump Begins the “NOreo” Campaign Against Nabisco Moving to Mexico


by John Galt August 21, 2015 23:00 ET Tonight the Trumpster piled on to NAFTA again where he highlights how Mondelez Inc plans to shut down one of the two remaining Nabisco bakeries it owns in Chicago which could result in anywhere from 300 to 600 of the 1,200 jobs could be cut (Source: Chicago Sun-Times 8/15). His response to this move was classic Trump tonight where he bashed the factories moving out of the USA: (h/t Mediate) So if the United States is to…

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Harry Reid in 1993: “No Sane Country” Would Permit Birthright Citizenship (Video)


by John Galt August 21, 2015 21:35 ET H/t to the Right Scoop for this one. Just way to easy to find the insanity on the internet for what these liars have said in the past. Hopefully Cruz or the Donald will use this clip in their ad campaigns.   Like this:Like Loading...

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Laura Ingraham Bitch Slaps Dr. Strangelove, er, Krauthammer


by John Galt August 21, 2015 20:50 ET Thank you Gateway Pundit for bringing this to everyone’s attention who missed it: Like this:Like Loading...

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Trump Tops Jeb Bush Again in Mobile, AL Before he Arrives for Speech

Donald Trump just lost the endorsement of his toupee

by John Galt August 21, 2015 15: 45 ET Trump flew had his world famous Boeing 757 over the stadium to a ruckus crowd: Then Jeb Bush flew his aircraft over the same stadium as Trump’s plane landed: Like this:Like Loading...

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08.21 15:45 ET US Markets Update: It’s, It’s, a Ballroom Blitz


by John Galt August 21, 2015 15: 45 ET Most of you are too young to remember this awesome tune: Well, maybe not that awesome but the markets now know what it feels like again to get hit by the 2008 of a full blown NFL style blitz again. The S&P 500 is well below its 200 DMA and tanking below psychological support at 2000:   Oops, wrong chart. Here we go (prices delayed 15 mins, via YahooFinance): Next stop on the downside should be…

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08.21 ASIAN, EURO AND U.S. Deathburger Marketwatch: Let’s Eat!


by John Galt August 20, 2015 21:25 ET Yeah, tonight is in a word, er, BRUTAL in Asian markets: Japan: Australia: Singapore: Meanwhile in US futures markets: Yeah, gold is still going nuts…   We’ll see how the Chinese PPT behaves tonight in about 20 minutes. They had best buy every damned thing in sight or we are going to witness one nasty day on Wall Street and in Europe in about 12 hours… UPDATE 21:32 ET – NOT A GOOD SIGN THUS FAR –…

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Why Trump is Winning and MSM Reporters are Retards (Video)


by John Galt August 20, 2015 18:05ET As if this needs any further explanation, I’ll let THE DONALD explain to my readers why the MSM reporters who live in their holier than thou profession are so clueless as to why the average American just wish for the day that THE DONALD just whips it out one day during a presser and takes a piss on their collective heads: Meanwhile Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio continue to demonstrate their vaginal itch by opening their mouths on…

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Chinese Central Bank fails to Stem Further Stock Carnage as Shanghai down 3.42%


by John Galt August 20, 2015 05:15 ET The PBOC is losing its mojo. Despite a now two week long effort to stem selling in the Shanghai SSE and by extension dissuade selling in Hong Kong of Chinese shares there, the equity markets continue to plummet with the Shanghai markets down 3.42% and Hong Kong Hang Seng’s index down almost 2%. Shanghai SSE: The rally in the morning failed as the lip service paid to the market failed to impress and the market ended down…

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Bank Disaster 21st Century Style Part 2…here it comes


by John Galt August 19, 2015 21:30 ET   Returning to the American economic landscape within 60 days…You’ve been warned: More to come… Like this:Like Loading...

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08.18 21:30 ET BREAKING NEWS: Chinese Stock Markets Continue to Crash Down over 2.5% on the Open


by John Galt August 18, 2015 21:40 ET So much for the PBOC (People’s Bank of China) fixing this with $40 billion spent on equities. The open this morning is brutal as displayed below: This could be another ugly day if we have a follow through decline on top of the 6.15% decline yesterday. (prices delayed 15 mins) Now the breaking news is that the Vietnamese Central Bank has devalued their currency, the Dong, by 1% to keep pace with the Chinese, Malaysian, and Indonesian…

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While you were Asleep, the Chinese Stock Market Crashed 6.15%


by John Galt August 18, 2015 05:15  ET The experts all hailed the PBOC’s fix of their equity markets. Until of course it doesn’t work which would be today. The close was just plain ugly and appears to indicate that gravity has re-asserted itself with Chinese stock prices: The big news was a decline of 4.3% in industrial production in July from another decline in June. This indicator is viewed as a slow down in the Chinese economy but in reality is reflective of the…

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You Deserve to be Eaten by a Zombie IF…


by John Galt August 17, 2015 20:45  ET Just Sigh. I get older, you get older or at least some of you seem to, and we witness a new generation of “zombie” preppers and survivalists emerge preparing for the apocalypse as if they ever had to face Soviet missiles about to obliterate everyone they know in town. Sigh. Instead of the USSR because so many of the younger prepper think that is just a cool t-shirt now, I thought a modernized version of analyzing those…

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This Sign of the Day is not going to Please the #BlackLivesMatter Rioters


by John Galt August 17, 2015 15:50 ET It is sort of hard however to argue with the facts displayed by the sign. He is no longer a repeat offender nor beating up smaller, vulnerable Asian convenience store owners (allegedly). The LeRoy/Farmer City Press has the full story at this link. Like this:Like Loading...

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08.16 Eastern Ukraine & Donbas Video of a Little Outgoing and Incoming Mail (Artillery)


by John Galt August 16, 2015 21:15 ET First some outbound shots near Donetsk hitting Ukrainian positions north of the city. By the sounds of it on the video and occasional flashes that are visible, it sucks to be them: And now some shelling of the village Sartana not far from Mariupol as Russian forces start to soften up the Ukrainian defenses: Inbound shelling of the Kirovsky district near Donetsk by Ukrainian troops who reportedly attacked some residential areas tonight also: Artillery in this video…

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Donald Trump Rips NAFTA, Calls for America First Foreign Policy in Meet the Press Interview (Video)

Donald Trump just lost the endorsement of his toupee

by John Galt August 16, 2015 10:50 ET In what can only be called a fascinating interview on NBC News “Meet the Press” today, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump ripped into NAFTA, attacked those nations who have been using our military to achieve their goals, and essentially spelled out a foreign policy which will make the RINO’s shudder which used to be called “America First.” Below is the entire interview, not the edited version on television which was broadcast this morning. Notice his commentary on…

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08.15 Is something Stirring in the Donbas Tonight? Heavy shelling, reports of Troop Movements


by John Galt August 15, 2015 16:20 ET All of the sudden around 1 to 2 pm ET today, my Twitter feed came alive with reports of artillery duels and troop movements across the entire length of the ceasefire line in the Ukraine. In fact this was confirmed with the following video demonstrating the intensity of the exchange outside of the town of Donetsk: If this is the real deal and the war is about to begin, then these stories from the Russian News Agency…

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Psst, Fidel you Stupid Rat Bastard it’s 2015, not 1969


by John Galt August 13, 2015 18:35 ET The evil communist rat bastard Fidel Castro decided to celebrate his 89th birthday (which is 88 too many for me) by declaring the following (via AFP): Fidel Castro to US: You owe us millions From the article: Fidel Castro marked his 89th birthday Thursday by insisting the United States owes Cuba “many millions of dollars” because of the half-century-old American trade embargo. What a dope. He must have spent part of the last 40 years with his…

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Another non-Chinese Oops: Germany Raises Objections to the Greek Bailout


by John Galt August 12, 2015 20: 35 ET Good thing the Euro-crisis is resolved, right? Uh, no. From the Financial Times earlier this evening: Germany criticised an outline deal between Athens and its bailout monitors as insufficient, upsetting eurozone attempts to smooth the way to a new €85bn rescue for Greece. Germany’s finance ministry outlined its objections in a paper circulated to its eurozone counterparts just hours before the Greek parliament was due to debate on Wednesday the painful austerity and reform package that…

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08.11 All the Financial Charts You’ll need Tonight to KNOW Disaster is about to Happen


by John Galt August 11, 2015 22:20 ET Welcome to the 2007-2008 Oh Chit moment, redux. Bloomberg starts the party off tonight: Party on Wayne. Party on Garth. Like this:Like Loading...

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08.11 21:15 ET BREAKING NEWS: Libyan Prime Minister Announces Resignation Civil War Probable


by John Galt August 11, 2015 21:20 ET The news just broke via AFP about ten minutes ago: Libyan Prime Minister announces resignation live on TV From the article linked above:  Tripoli (AFP) – The prime minister of Libya’s internationally recognised government, Abdullah al-Thani, announced his resignation during a live television interview late on Tuesday. “If my exit is the solution, then I announce it here”,” al-Thani said during the talk show, adding that “my resignation will be submitted to the parliament on Sunday”. Earlier…

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Donald Trump Implodes: Wants to keep Taxpayer Funding of “Most” of Planned Parenthood, aka, the Democrat Party


by John Galt August 11, 2015 20:30 ET This article really defines how freaking ignorant Donald Trump can behave like when left without a handler or a strong male presence to keep his stupidity in check: Trump Open to Keeping Most Taxpayer Funding for Planned Parenthood From the story above via the Weekly Standard: On CNN this morning, Donald Trump suggested that he’s open to allowing Planned Parenthood to keep more than $500 million in taxpayer funding it receives every year. CNN’s Chris Cuomo repeated…

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My Favorite Black Babes Set Megamouth Kelly of FNC Straight


by John Galt August 9, 2015 21:50 ET No comment is necessary, but if my wife ever leaves me, I’m remarried to either or both of these beautiful women instantly.   Like this:Like Loading...

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