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“Liberal” Democrats Erect 4 Mile Long Stockade to Keep Delegates in at Convention


by John Galt July 24, 2016 19:25 ET Apparently things are so bad at the DNC they have decided to build a stockade around the arena to keep the delegates in when they are forced (probably at gunpoint) to vote for Hillary Clinton  to keep them from fleeing in horror: Watch on #Periscope: lottsa fence in Philly — The Broken Carpenter (@brokencarpenter) July 21, 2016 This is good to know because Hillary and Bill were the two souls who originated the “FEMA camp” rumors…

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Hillary and the DNC Demonstrate that Corruption is Their Speciality


by John Galt July 24, 2016 19:05 ET Is there really any comment necessary beyond this Tweet? Immediately after announcing she'll step down from DNC, Hillary shamelessly rewards Schultz w/ top campaign position — Abby Martin (@AbbyMartin) July 24, 2016 That’s what is so funny about all this. She gets some peace and quiet then Hillary finds a way to prove she’s more corrupt, crooked, and evil than the mental case who is the Republican nominee. She deserves to lose and so does America,…

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Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Starting to win the Hollywood Endorsements


by John Galt July 24, 2016 17:30 ET Yeah, that guy. The Libertarian Presidential Candidate, in fact the only Presidential candidate to climb Mount Everest. In what I would call a bizarre twist, if this is not the start of truly liberty loving souls in Hollywood daring to upset the Hildabeast/Trumptard domination of the political landscape then this story means nothing; however I think it is a hint of a deluge of endorsements and money to come (From Red Alert Politics): Drew Carey endorses Gary…

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07.22 AAPL and GS Bellwether Update: 200 DMA too Much to Handle


by John Galt July 24, 2016 16:30 ET The market again continued to roll to new all time highs but don’t listen to me, the crazy people have officially taken over the asylum. No volume, no conviction, and the world is going nuts. Think about this; the last time we saw market moves like this happened in 2007, 2008, and shockingly 2015. There could be a signal from the action in the bellwethers this week or not however. The markets are sending numerous warning signs…

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The Democrat Convention in Philadelphia will be a Repeat of 1968


by John Galt July 24, 2016 14:15 ET .@BernieSanders says Debbie Wasserman Schultz “should resign, period” following DNC email leak. #ThisWeek — This Week (@ThisWeekABC) July 24, 2016 And so the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia begins where the Queen of Evil will enjoy her coronation with a massive scandal hitting the Democrat Party the same week as the convention begins (from The Observer): Wikileaks Proves Primary Was Rigged: DNC Undermined Democracy The emails were embarrassing needless to say as this example demonstrates the collusion…

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Rush Limbaugh Joins Alex Jones in the Radio Lunacy Hall of Fame


by John Galt July 24, 2016 11:30 ET The insanity of the imploding Republican Party and Fox News Channel continues to spin out into the media world as the number one host on talk radio, Rush Limbaugh has decided to put paydays ahead of principles as he slips into woo-woo world to join Alex Jones in the future Trump wing of the Radio Lunacy Hall of Fame. In a rambling statement akin to the insane and inane commentaries by fringe broadcaster Alex Jones, Rush decided…

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The Mogambo Guru Returns: The Law Of Cosmic Imperative


Thankfully, after a brief absence, the brilliance of the Mogambo Guru is writing again. The insanity of our world and markets should generate some awesome commentary from the Guru in the months ahead.-JG The Law Of Cosmic Imperative July 20, 2016 By: The Mogambo Guru Where have I been? I admit I was cowering, like the spineless little weasel that I am, in the Mogambo Secret Temporary Bunker (MSTB), which I cleverly constructed in the living room using an overturned couch and some strategically-placed cushions.…

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Tweet of the Night Reviewing Donald Trump’s Acceptance Speech


by John Galt July 21, 2016 23:38 ET Gary Kasparov’s Tweet sums up my take on Trump’s speech perfectly….

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Ben Carson goes Captain Insano: Trump Kids Disadvantaged Because of Growing up Wealthy!


by John Galt July 21, 2016 21:25 ET This one goes in the WTF, triple face palm category of THANK GOD HE WAS NEVER A SERIOUS CONTENDER. Or what the **** did he prescribe for himself to ally with Trump and stay stupid crap like this: Yup, spoiled is horrible. Doc, if you would like I can take you to meet some homeless families where the kids are lucky to get 1200 calories a day. No wonder the GOP gets the reputation it deserves with…

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Alex Jones Shows his Ass Again: Gets into Confrontation with the Young Turks Program ON THEIR SET! (Video)


by John Galt July 21, 2016 19:30 ET Even though Roger Stone is in the picture initially trolling with Jr. Space Cadet Trumptard 1st Class Alex Jones, it tells you everything you need to know about the Trump campaign when they decide to allow him to partially be a part of their media campaign. Alex is not what I would call a positive reinforcement for the American people but hey, he has seen Charlie Sheen’s hernia and I can’t make that claim to fame (start…

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Trump wants Former Goldman Sachs Banker Who Worked for George Soros as Treasury Secretary!


by John Galt July 21, 2016 09:00 ET Sometimes, some days, reality is more bizarre than fiction. After enduring months of the “Hedi Cruz Goldman Sachs” argument from the Trumptards, here comes their boy Donald Trump with his announced nominee for U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and hoo-boy is it a beaut. From Fortune Magazine, yesterday: Here Is Who Donald Trump Wants for Treasury Secretary Excerpt: Donald Trump has told prospective donors that, if elected president, he plans to nominate former Goldman Sachs banker Steve…

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Poll of Active Duty Military shows Libertarian Johnson Beating Hillary and Trump


by John Galt July 21, 2016 07:40 ET If things are not bad enough for the poorly organized Trump campaign and criminally corrupt Clinton crime family, The Hill breaks out this shocking story about a poll of active duty U.S. military: Poll: Libertarian Johnson beating Trump, Clinton among active troops Excerpt: Military troops favor Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, according to a new survey. Johnson garnered 38.7 percent of the active duty vote, versus 30.9 for Trump, and…

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Epic – Ted Cruz’s GOP Convention Speech (VIDEO)


by John Galt July 21, 2016 07:15 ET Epic….

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Shortwave Radio Still Matters Part 2: North Korea Resumes Spy Numbers Broadcast


by John Galt July 20, 2016 19:00 ET Last week it was the allegedly phony coup in Turkey. Fast forward to this week and here we area gain, with the old Spy Number station making a comeback in North Korea, 16 years after the allegedly “Cold War” ended between North and South Korea. From Yonhap News: N. Korea resumes encrypted number broadcasting 2016/07/19 14:44 SEOUL, July 19 (Yonhap) — North Korea has resumed the broadcasting of encrypted numbers, a method used in the past to…

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This is Now my Favorite Republican Convention Moment of all Time (Video)


by John Galt July 20, 2016 05:30 ET Normally the conventions are boring affairs. The powers in charge crush the average people, violate their own rules (like they did on Monday in Cleveland), and never stick to a schedule so working people go to bed before the good speakers come on late at night. Didn’t they learn anything from the declining MLB prime time ratings? Thus when Melania Trump spoke on Monday night, I missed the entire plagiarizing portion of the speech which was suddenly…

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Hillary Clinton has Another Reason to Hate Obama


by John Galt July 19, 2016 20:45 ET Poor Hillary. Okay, I’m joking and right about now the 5 Clintonistas that read my blog on a daily basis are probably blathering about what kind of hate I’m about to spew about their witch, er, candidate. Unfortunately, for them, this is an observation on the gift that keeps on giving: the manipulated fraudulent Obama economy. After eight years of manufactured and at best fictional economic data the Clinton campaign should be worried about what is about…

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WAR DRUMS: China Blames Japan for the Hague Decision on the South China Sea


by John Galt July 18, 2016 21:00 ET Normally I would not give much credence to an editorial in the People’s Daily from China, however since this is the official public organ of the Chinese Communist Party it is crucial to understand the war drums that are beginning to pound louder by the minute after the decision by the Hague on China’s interests in the East and South China Sea. First the editorial from the People’s Daily this morning which indicates who is to blame…

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Sheriff David Clarke Points out to Don Lemon that Liberal Bias is B.S. (Video)


by John Galt July 18, 2016 19:30 ET Sheriff David Clarke p*wns the sissy Don Lemon at CNN by actually quoting facts, citing reality, and supporting his argument by using the Constitutional powers vested in him by the people of Milwaukee County. Another reason for my readers to divorce the MSM and stay on the internet and shortwave until the information is cut off by the government and the Bill of Rights eventually gets suspended. It is a shame the good Sheriff did not remind…

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North Korea Fires 3 Missiles Tonight and No One Cares


by John Galt July 18, 2016 19:10 ET Sad isn’t it? Turkey has a false flag coup, the United States experiences a rash of racist inspired terrorist attacks on police, and the Republicans have a convention full of morons acting like us little people don’t even matter. Which means, guess what? That’s right, the short little turd in North Korea felt the need to fire 3 Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles into the ocean to prove that he still has a steady supply of Viagra. From…

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Cleveland, OH: Now the Circus Comes to Your Town (Video)


by John Galt July 18, 2016 17:50 ET What a nightmare. The RNC convention kicked off last night with the Republican nominee, one Donald Trump, interrupting his Vice-Presidential Candidate, Governor Mike Pence repeatedly during a joint interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes. Bad? No, typical actually. But today, the RNC conspired with the Trump forces and using the establishment’s backing killed any future grass roots efforts which would ensure the Tea Party or other pro-Conservative movements a voice in the Republican Party nominating or electoral process.…

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Someone forgot to Tell Donald Trump that ISIS is in Iraq


by John Galt July 18, 2016 05: 30 ET It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the 60 Minutes interview aired and all anyone can say is “ugh.” From the joint Trump/Pence interview this quote came out again (via The Hill): Trump said the country needs to declare war on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and did not rule out putting troops on the ground. “We have people that hate us. We have people that want to wipe us out. We have…

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If China’s Big Mama’s are Buying Precious Metals, Why Aren’t YOU?


by John Galt July 17, 2016 21:45 ET The “Big Mothers” in China are buying gold in much larger quantities because they expect global instability and currency rate disruptions No, no, no, not that Big Mama, more like the women shopping here: The truth is astonishing as this story tonight from the South China Morning Post reveals: Hong Kong hits the jackpot as mainland China’s ‘Big mothers’ hoard gold amid troubled times Excerpt: Chinese customs data released last week showed imports from Hong Kong to…

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The Failed Coup in Turkey Shows Why Shortwave Radio is Still Relevant


by John Galt July 17, 2016 21:00 ET There have been many a eulogy presented for the hobby of shortwave radio listening and broadcasters over the past five years so highlighting the statements of the obvious does nothing but fulfill the age old argument that the internet has replaced radio and soon we won’t have any need for AM, FM, or Shortwave because of modern technology. That statement is true, if you wish to live in a world like current day Iran or China is…

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Did Saudi Arabia Help Erdogan with the Attempted Phony Coup?


by John Galt July 17, 2016 15:50 ET The story from the Western media is totally inconsistent with the pro-Government Turkish and Middle Eastern propaganda outlets as the period some thirty-six hours after the coup comes into clear view. The headline on the Drudge Report earlier today summed it up quite nicely: The story it the Drudge Report linked to was from the U.K. Daily Mail: Crocodile tears? Turkish president Erdoğan breaks down in tears at coup victim’s funeral as he calls his opponents a…

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Turkish Government Reports Military Coup Crushed


by John Galt July 15, 2016 20:15 ET *********************** 07/16/16 07:15 ET LATEST NEWS ************************ The following links are from the Hurriyet Daily News in Turkey which is not back online in English and sums up the end of the coup and the damage that has been done: 194 killed in quashed Gülenist coup attempt: Military Turkey urges US that harboring Gülen is a hostile act after coup attempt 1563 detained over coup attempt Turkey demands return of eight plotter soldiers who landed on Greece…

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07.15 LIVE UPDATES: Turkish Military Seizes Power in Coup d’Etat (VIDEOs)


by John Galt July 15, 2016 16:30 ET In a shocking development it would appear that the Turkish military is overthrowing the government of President Erdogan as we speak. At approximately 15:40 ET the Turkish military announced it had seized bridges near the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul, and Ankara plus sealed off all of the airports as this photo from NTV Turkey television illustrates with this photo below: Below is the live broadcast from NTV still on the air as the military has apparently secured all…

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A Serious Warning About the French Terrorist Attack for American Citizens


by John Galt July 15, 2016 05:00 ET I wish to start this commentary and warning with a reflection. Innocent people were enjoying their lives in Nice, France last night when terrorism struck again, killing over 70 people, injuring over 100, and once again putting the nation on France on the razor’s edge. I pray for the victims and their families, and the French nation as they have endured enough. That being said this was a huge warning to all Americans in our own homeland…

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July 13th Bellwether Update: Swimming in Sand


by John Galt July 13, 2016 05:15 ET Wooo, it’s time to party again!!! Break out the Dow 10K hats, brush them off, put a piece of white tape over them and write Dow 20K on there because that’s where we are heading. Or not. Being the contrarian that I am, I look for patterns which remind me of historical events or eras where the markets and human behavior attempt to replicate past events so as to create something new, or larger. However, since this…

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One of My New Favorite Local Police Chiefs of All Time (VIDEO)


by John Galt July 11, 2016 18:55 ET And no, it’s not the idiot in charge of the City of Sarasota, she is a HORRID commielib too busy trying to accommodate instead of enforcing the law to protect the citizens. Dallas, Texas however is one lucky city to have a strong, wise, Police Chief to run their affairs. Police Chief David Brown reminds me of the older generation of police officers our nation so desperately needs now. Thank you sir for taking a stand and…

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British Government Blocked U.S. from Pressing Money Laundering Charges against HSBC


by John Galt July 11, 2016 17:55 ET Just when one thinks crime does pay after the Hillary Clinton fiasco and blatant corruption illustrated within our F.B.I. and Department of Justice, along comes this blockbuster story from the United Kingdom via the UK Guardian tonight: HSBC escaped US money-laundering charges after UK intervention How bad was the corruption to prevent actual prosecution? Check out this excerpt from the article which would make US banksters blush: The US government decided not to pursue criminal charges against…

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Meet the Swaption Another $25 Trillion Time Bomb


by John Galt July 11, 2016 00:15 ET Wow. Another all time high in the S&P 500, just like 2007: In June of 2007, the S&P 500 hit an all time high price even as Bear Stearns was bailing out two major hedge funds which imploded due to the real estate crisis and complex derivative investment instruments (via the Wall Street Journal in 2007): Two Big Funds At Bear Stearns Face Shutdown Two big hedge funds at Bear Stearns Cos. were close to being shut…

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The Bail-In Bankster Model of Cyprus Results: Cyprus Stock Market down 99.2%


by John Galt July 8, 2016 23:00 ET On January 1, 2016 the new bail-in rules became the rule of law for the member states of the European Union. Hugo Dixon penned a column for Reuters on January 4th which revealed how tough the terms were for the bail-in protocol (excerpted): The European Union entered a brave new world of bank “bail-ins” at the start of 2016. Europe has wasted so much taxpayers’ money on bailing out bust banks in recent years that it is…

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5 Police Officers Killed, 6 Wounded, Suspect Killed in Dallas Sniper Attack During BLM Rally


by John Galt July 8, 2016 05:00 ET America has taken a very dark turn towards the abyss overnight. During a “Black Lives Matter” rally in Dallas to protest police violence towards minorities, a group of 4 snipers opened fire on the police killing 5 officers and wounding six others. According to the Dallas Morning News the attacker(s) positioned themselves at the end of the parade route and ambushed the police who were attempting to maintain traffic control and prevent the “rally” from getting out…

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07.07 19:10 ET BREAKING NEWS: State Dept Re-Opens Probe of Hillary’s Handling of Classified Information


by John Galt July 7, 2016 19:10 ET This is breaking hard via the Associated Press (via CNBC): State Department reopens probe of how Clinton, aides handled classified information The State Department is reopening an internal investigation of possible mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton and top aides. Spokesman John Kirby says the emails probe is restarting now that the Justice Department isn’t pursuing a criminal prosecution. The State Department suspended its review in April to avoid interfering with the FBI’s inquiry. Kirby set…

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Deutsche Bank Implodes to New Record Low Prices in Europe


by John Galt July 6, 2016 05:30 ET Whatever caused the snap, kerplunk, or “BOOM” at 04:30 ET this morning, it has continued with Deutsche Bank deteriorating rapidly now down over 5% in European trading: Whatever is happening, it has driven the German 10 Year Bund to a record -0.20% and the US 10 Year Treasury yield to new record lows close to 1.320%! Somewhere the smart money knows there is a major shoe about to drop, be it Italy, the United States, or Asia…

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The Shellacking Continues as Britain is Just the Tip of the Real Estate Iceberg


by John Galt July 5, 2016 20:50 ET The absolutely bull whipping of investors in foreign real estate continued today as 2 more property funds in the United Kingdom froze redemptions after Standard Life started the ball rolling on July 4th. M&G became the third company to shut down redemptions from its property fund as it stated (via Bloomberg): “Investor redemptions in the fund have risen markedly because of the high levels of uncertainty in the U.K. commercial property market since the outcome of the…

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The Smart Money is Betting on More Economic Pain Today


by John Galt July 5, 2016 05:15 ET The smart money, as I warned about last week, is ignoring the so-called low volume rally and fleeing to safety. Need proof? Check these two charts out: If the US 10 Year breaks below the 1.35% yield, odds are it will fly down to 1.25% then on to a flat 1% yield. Regardless of what the bubbleheads say on financial television this will be a massive shift of billions of dollars out of potential investment pools for…

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Iraqi Military Base Near Baghdad hit by 50 Rockets Tonight from Anti-Iranian Forces


by John Galt July 4, 2016 18:50 ET The video of the attack indicates the severity of by pro-Iranian forces against the PMOI forces residing in the former U.S. military base: From the UK Daily Mail: “A number of rockets fell on Camp Liberty,” Baghdad Operations Command spokesman Saad Maan said in a statement, referring to the camp where the PMOI members are housed. Maan said that some 20 rockets were launched from a truck in an area west of Baghdad toward the camp, some…

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Brexit is the Bear Stearns/Lehman Bros. Moment


by John Galt July 4, 2016 17:40 ET The United States equity and bond markets resume trading on Tuesday July 5th, but whoa be it for those who are unprepared. Tonight the breaking news in the English media indicates that Brexit is not only a Bear Stearns v2.0 Moment as ZeroHedge puts it, but in fact could be a lot worse. The details have made it to the front pages of the U.K. press, starting with the Guardian: Standard Life shuts property fund amid rush…

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Suicide Bombers Attack Mosques near Saudi Arabian Cities of Medina and Qatif (VIDEO)


by John Galt July 4, 2016 14:05 ET UPDATE 14:30 ET: Video added from the attacks in Medina:   From CNN Arabic service: —————————————————- Here we go again, from Al-Arabiya: Three suicide bombings took place in the Saudi cities of Madinah and Qatif on Monday evening after a foiled attack earlier in the day in Jeddah. One attack targeted security forces in the parking lot of Al-Haram al-Nabawi in Madinah, a mosque established and built by the Prophet Mohammad. More from the Arab News: Suicide…

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