4/17 21:28 ET BREAKING: Gold and Metals Getting Whacked Again!

  by John Galt April 17, 2013 21:28 EDT Now the Central Banksters must be warning all their member banks to sell in unison to scare the ChiComs and Japs….   (Top chart from Investing.com second graphic from FinViz.com) That one down draft was a good $38 plus! Stay tuned because equities will follow if this evening turns into another deflationary bloodbath!!!!  

Did Obama Receive his Saudi Marching Orders about Boston Today?

  by John Galt April 17, 2013 20:00 EDT In an unscheduled meeting today, Obama met with the Saudi Foreign Minister to allegedly discuss the crisis in Syria.  The problem is that originally, he was scheduled to go to Boston according to media reports last night then suddenly he stayed in Washington, D.C. The question is, was this really about Syria? After all, who can forget this picture: Ever since the meeting in Saudi Arabia with the Crown Prince in 2009, Obama’s foreign policy has been one of submission to the…

Obama Drops Support of anti-N. Korea Groups but Supports anti-Israeli Groups

  by John Galt April 17, 2013 18:00 EDT Increase support for his closet religion by providing billions to anti-Israeli governments and groups like the Muslim Brotherhood: CHECK! Stop support for anti-communist groups who support freedom in South Korea: CHECK! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!! What in the world is ye old Galster yapping about now? First, let’s rewind to way ,way, way back on March 25, 2013 when we were all much younger and this Newsmax article: Egyptians Angry with Obama for Backing Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi   That’s right, over $1 billion in…

Boston is Not Benghazi

  by John Galt April 17, 2013 16:59 EDT The call against the incompetent and America’s evil regime is starting to be repeated over and over across the internet: Boston is NOT Benghazi. There is so much truth behind this statement that despite the protestations of the left and the desperate desire to find any conservative, patriot, or Constitutional movement to tie the Boston attack to, regardless of guilt or evidence. Bad news for the Democrats and the administration though; the majority of Patriots left Massachusetts when the Democratic Party machine…

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