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So Vacation (of sorts) is Over and Woah, What a Mess

I know my website’s traffic is near zero, and some of you are thrilled that I’ve been gone. But wow, after a month of voluntary and involuntary vacation, I return to comment on the big steaming pile in front of us.

I had some sort of non-Covid respiratory illness which sucked after returning form Mexico on a real vacation. After numerous tests it was determined that it was a viral infection that was non-life threatening nor extremely contagious so back to work I went after being down for a week.

What have I noticed over the last month?

The world is a mess.

South Africa is on fire. Europe and the EU are splintering. Nations are boycotting the absurd vaccine passport requirements being imposed on individual liberties. Wars are brewing between China and India, Saudi Arabia and Yemen (full blown that is), all across Africa and soon throughout North America.

Revolutions are stewing in Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, France, and anywhere else one takes five minutes to observe the media outside of America’s Fake news bubble.

The U.S. economy is on the precipice of disaster and no, not a 1929 or 2008 disaster; I am talking full blown Argentina or Venezuelan style implosion.

There is a lot to write about so stay tuned. The markets will crash sooner than most think, America might get to witness the first use of the 25th Amendment, and that China Virus thing is about to get worse.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with the readers on these stories and others. Life is going to get way more interesting than a lot of people thought it would in the second half of this year.

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  1. Pete Pete 07/28/2021

    Welcome back John!

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